Unıty 3D

We Used Unıty 3d 3.0

Unity 3D engine that uses the games, thanks to Unity Web Player plugin runs through a web browser without any installation process. Thanks to this aspect of computer games less than would be saved the trouble of getting a new computer a player is loading. On the other hand, game manufacturers, game would have had their own servers oynattıkları resort to pirate the game. Unity 3D engine written in Battlestar Galactica Online games can be given as an example.

Unity 3D structure currently 3 different scripting languages ​​(Java Script, C # and Boo) supports.Unity with all these advantages, the need for significant system resources to play on computers equipped with the lower and middle-level makes it a grind.

Game Maker

A wonderful tool for those wishing to start out on the games creation road. Easy to use, hard to master and a good starting place before moving on to more complex coding languages like C++. Here are some links to sites related to it...


Game Maker, a scripting language as well as providing a flexible development environment, programming with drag-and-drop methods, the foreign ones is a program created to develop games quite easily. Game Maker, but rather concentrated on two-dimensional games.

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